Germany Keeps Uptight With Plans Of Hydrogen-Powered Cars

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It’s amusing to reduce the introduction of next-generation electric- or hydrogen-powered cars to a binary paper-versus-plastic decision, but the companies making these cars along with the infrastructure to support them are hoping there will be room for both. Hydrogen cars, particularly, have had a bumpy road thus far-the Obama administration is at odds with Congress over if you should fund hydrogen fuel-cell research. Meanwhile, the very first commercial models are not supposed to hit the road until 2015, a few years after their hybrid and all-electric counterparts.

To help steer hydrogen back into the spotlight, carmaker Daimler, AG, teamed together with the German government Wednesday with a press conference hosted in Washington, D.C., from the National Hydrogen Association* to present their case to the continued growth of hydrogen fuel cell cars and the infrastructure to support them.

Public perception of late appear to be that battery-powered vehicles would be the key players in displacing gasoline-dependent internal combustion engines, “”but we believe that hydrogen will also play a role, and that the 2 technologies are complementary,”” Klaus Bonhoff, managing director of Germany’s National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology (NOW), said throughout the event, which Daimler sponsored. The German federal government created NOW, which is largely funded by private sector businesses, to manage hydrogen and other fuel-cell technologies created by the German National Innovation Program (NIP). “”In the public discussion people tend to point out that industry is not interested in hydrogen, but it’s the opposite. Activities are increasing,”” Bonhoff said.

NOW sees hydrogen cars as being a key aspect in the German government’s intends to reduce the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions 80 percent by 2050. One significant step along the way will be for Germans to be driving vehicles that produce no more than 60 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer by 2030, Bonhoff said, adding that hydrogen-powered cars have the potential to emit as low as 40 grams of CO2 per kilometer. He noted that even highly optimized internal combustion engines usually are not likely to emit less than 110 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

The hydrogen could come from a number of sources, including renewable energy for instance a wind-to-hydrogen system and biofuels. “”Hydrogen is really a commodity in many industries,”” Bonhoff said. “”We have to figure out how to allow it to be available to the transportation industry.””

One of the primary difficulties of introducing for the market an alternative to gas-powered cars-whether powered with a battery or fuel cell-is building up the quantity of new cars on the road while building out a new fueling infrastructure. Hydrogen supplies could possibly be trucked in initially, but eventually pipelines carrying the fuel to filling stations would be required, Bonhoff said.

Maybe the main impediment to success is breaking out of the chicken and egg cycle: Providers of the hydrogen infrastructure want assurances that you will find a lot of hydrogen-powered vehicles on your way, but carmakers cannot sell the cars without having the infrastructure into position. From Daimler’s perspective, “”the fueling infrastructure has not become real on the extent that people have wanted,”” Ron Grasman, Daimler’s manager of fuel-cell vehicles, said at the event. Still, he added how the German government’s stimulus plan is expected to finance new hydrogen filling stations to complement the 4 already located within the country.

Daimler has spent greater than $1.7 billion on hydrogen car technology to date, Grasman said. The company’s entry into this market is the Sprinter, which it plans to make commercially available in 2015. The car has recently gone through several iterations within the last several years as hydrogen fuel-cell technology has been developed. The newest version could go from zero to 100 kilometers in 11.4 seconds, reach a top speed of 170 kilometers each hour, and operate for an estimated 385 kilometers before refueling. Several other car companies, including Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Honda are also targeting this time frame to roll out hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Germany plans to create an infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles over the next seven-to-a decade via a program called H2Mobility. Grasman said the model that the government is developing could, with some effort, function in the U.S. market, as well. The Usa has been a leader in hydrogen fuel-cell development in the past which is in a good position to promote this technology moving forward, he added.

Washington itself is divided on whether or not to commit to hydrogen-powered autos. Usa Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the federal government was cutting funding for hydrogen car development in favour of improved internal combustion engines and plug-in electric hybrids. Chu pointed for the difficulties of producing a hydrogen filling-station infrastructure and building a long-lasting portable fuel cell as a pair of the reasons that hydrogen-powered vehicles would require a backseat to electric vehicles and hybrids. This assessment is at stark contrast with the George W. Bush White House, which had committed $1.2 billion on research and development for hydrogen-powered fuel cells.

In October, however, the Senate voted to restore nearly all the money-about $200 million-that this Obama administration was likely to cut. The tug-of-war continues, as the White House’s fiscal 2011 budget request would slash funding for hydrogen fuel cells and biofuels.

“”We’ve enjoyed a very hard year in the automobile industry, and it also might seem like there hasn’t been much work in fuel cells,”” Grasman acknowledged. Still, none of the major carmakers have given up their hydrogen programs, because they understand that there is no single solution for replacing internal combustion engines, he added, saying that the plug-in electric car will be a “”niche vehicle,”” whereas hydrogen-powered cars can travel greater distances and refuel faster.

* Editor’s Note: The National Hydrogen Association is section of the Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen.

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Products that pave the Way

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We now live in an almost completely technological age. It seems that every kid that I meet knows how to program a computer when I’m still struggling with booting my up. Obviously that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s clear to see that technology is advancing for more quickly than I am. Though I am evolving slowly along with this quickly spinning world, there are a number of products that are really paving the way and making the new and exciting technology more accessible to the entire world. I like to sit back and fantasize about the exciting, hyper technological world that is on our horizon, but in the meantime, there are so many exciting innovations that are here today.

The hybrid SUV

When most of think of hybrids, we think of small cars that putter through traffic, piloted by people who often seem as excited to tell you what you’re doing wrong as they are to be driving. Well long gone are the days where hybrid vehicles and smug drivers are synonymous. Say hello to the hybrid SUV. That’s right, Nissan now features a Pathfinder that can take you from Los Angeles to San Francisco on one tank of gas, and at 35-40 miles per gallon, why wouldn’t you drive such a wonderful vehicle? Let’s face it, people, the environment is not going to fix itself, and it is up to us, the American consumer, to tell auto companies that while we value our comfort and our safety, we also are concerned about the world that our children will grow up in. The new hybrid Nissan Pathfinder combines all the luxuries and ruggedness of the best selling SUV you’ve grown to love and associate with perfection, with fuel economy that makes this vehicle practically pay for itself. If you’re interested on paving the way and helping the environment at the same time, go to Nissan Alhambra or Downtown Nissan and show the world that you’re proud of what you drive and what it stands for.


A camo wet suit

In Southern California it seems that every other person is a surfer. For years I refused to even entertain the idea because I’m horrified of sea monsters. That’s right, I’m talking about sharks. I know that shark attacks are as rare as being struck by lightning, but that doesn’t quite make me rest easy. I need assurances if I’m going to paddle out into the ocean, I’d rather not just hope for the best. Well now there are camouflage wet suits that are designed to make you look less like a meal, and more like ripples on the water. Since I learned about this, I have all the assurances I really need.


The helicopter delivery system

Amazon is working on this, I swear. The days of waiting around for the FedEX guy are numbered as Amazon is testing small drones that will drop your package right to your doorstep! It still might take a few years, but I’m sure that once this idea gets a foothold, Southern California traffic will take to the skies!


These Three States Is Trying To Brew Something For Tesla

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Electric car manufacturer Tesla has been in discussions for some time using the New Jersey Government and Motor Vehicle Commission about the implementation of its direct dealership model. This week the Administration, following suit with Texas and Arizona, moved to block Tesla from selling cars within its own stores. So, what’s every one of the fuss about?

Tesla’s store employees typically spend 2-3 hours with potential customers explai…Tesla’s Model S is consistently ranked as one of the best cars on the highway making the reas…Tesla dealerships in Texas can display the car and supply information but can’t discuss pric…Tesla is looking for a home to set up a Gigafactory which could allow it to produce lithiu…View all

Tesla called the move “”an affront to the very concept of a no cost market”” inside a blog post on Monday, praoclaiming that the proposal “”would, among other things, require brand-new motor vehicles to be sold through middlemen and block Tesla’s direct sales model. The EV manufacturer argues how the New and Administration Jersey Automobile Commission are “”going beyond their authority to implement the state’s laws on the behest of a special interest group planning to protect its monopoly at the expense of New Jersey consumers.

Kevin Roberts, a spokesman for the office of NJ governor Chris Christie responded by stating that the “”administration does not think it is appropriate to unilaterally modify the way cars are sold in New Jersey without legislation and Tesla has been conscious of this position since the beginning.

So, in a nutshell, Tesla wants to push forward with its direct sales model, while the government wants to protect the traditional model where cars are sold through franchised dealerships.

So what is it about Tesla’s unconventional model that is such threat to the American way? Well for one thing, it’s different. For some the notion of change seems right up there on par with alien communism and invasions. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

The Tesla dealership model is agile and small. Typically no greater than a good sized shoe keep the Tesla shops can be found in fashion districts, shopping centers or as standalone stores. The dealerships or boutique shops, in keeping with Tesla’s contemporary approach are designed with highly stylized kiosks, color palettes and swatches, the occasional Model S, high gloss finishes and non-commission sales people. The theory according to Elon Musk is always to allow customers to be properly educated, without the typical high-pressure sales tactics predominantly connected with traditional dealerships. So that’s the important scary monster that will destroy America and contains auto dealers running for his or her shotguns and bear spray?

Tesla’s store employees typically spend two to three hours with potential customers explai…

Tesla argues that its specialized stores are not just a way to sell new cars but also to promote new technology. Again quoting Tesla’s blog post from earlier this week: “”This model is not only a matter of selling more cars and providing optimum consumer choice for Americans, but it is also about educating consumers about the key benefits of going electric, which is central to our mission to accelerate the shift to sustainable transportation, a new paradigm in automotive technology.

Unfortunately for Tesla, New Jersey isn’t the first state to snub the company’s unique dealership concept. Arizona and Texas have both implemented laws which makes it illegal for Tesla to promote cars within their states. It can be”” unable to sell its vehicles directly to the general public because it has no franchised dealer relationships in Texas, or in other states.?, tesla says that under the current Texas Occupations Code?

Tesla surprisingly still has two dealerships in Texas; one in Houston then one in Austin. While this might sound like it managed a workaround to the legal dilemma, Tesla employees at these galleries are “prevented from discussing pricing, lease options, or offering test drives.” The in-shop kiosks have likewise had all pricing removed. But can you imagine if a clever, entrepreneurial employee just happens to mention a dealership in California that can help with pricing, leasing, etc. questions? Texas lawmakers have previously thought of that. No, employees cannot provide assistance to interested consumers. A similar restrictions will apply in New Jersey.

Over $86.8 million of dealership monies has been spent on state election races across the …

Rhett Ricart, President of Ricart Automotive in Columbus and a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against Tesla in Ohio, offers an insight into the attitudes Tesla is against in an interview with Bloomberg : “I don’t want ‘Hydrogen Motors’ ahead along 5 years from now or some other Mickey Mouse thing to come along and then just jack in the industry. It’s not right.” Ricart does give Tesla a back-handed compliment by saying, “they make a great car,” however, he proceeds to add that “the reason these laws are in these states are going to protect the consumers.”

“”Consumer protection”” seems to be a stick employed by both sides with this debate, but it’s tough to see how clinging to an 80 year old enterprise model that only adds costs to the finished product is benefiting consumers.

There is obviously, an elephant in the room in all of this. “In 2012 there are an estimated 17,600 dealers of new cars and trucks in the US, according to the Bloomberg report cited above. “”From that group, over US$676 billion of sales were generated, making up almost 15 percent of all US retail activity.” To say the automotive industry along with its dealerships are an integral part of the usa economy is usually to state the most obvious. “”over $86.8 million of dealership monies was spent on state election races across the US since 2003 with $57 million funneled into federal campaigns.” Tesla, the new kid on the block, has only only managed to throw roughly $500,000 towards federal and state politics. There’s also the issue of the amount of tax dollars each dealership brings to state coffers. A figure difficult to ignore on either side from the aisle.

So is this all just a bit of proper ol’ fashioned fear mongering on the part of the establishment? It wouldn’t be the first time. In the 1970s and 80s when foreign entities began to enter US markets, anti-American rumblings became common place and driving a foreign car like a Toyota or a Datsun (Nissan) was frowned upon in some quarters. But Tesla isn’t a foreign entity, it’s a home-grown success story that employs 4,000 people and whose stocks have risen 500 percent previously 12 months. Its Model S has consistently been named as one of the best overall cars in recent memory – of gas or electric persuasion. Further reinforced the argument that technology with this quality will be the way for the future, even though my experience in driving the Model S has not yet only changed my opinion of what an electric car can be. Slowly the shift from that of a gas-only, my F150 is larger than yours mentality can happen, although perhaps not tomorrow, or next year. It appears to me this whole is dust-up is a case of not seeing the hood ornament for the trees.

What next? Tesla being Tesla, and Elon Musk being Elon Musk, are not using this lying down drinking flat mojitos. The next salvo will be fired when Musk testifies personally at a hearing into the issue at the Texas State.

When You Want To Become An Auto Body Painter

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Auto body painters, or transportation equipment painters, are responsible for painting vehicles such as cars, buses or trucks for a variety of reasons. For instance, clients want their vehicles to experience a different look or the vehicles must be painted because of damage. Although minimum requirements in becoming an auto body painter may include a valid driver’s license and clean driving record, some auto body painting jobs require more. Thus, knowing how to be an auto body painter is definitely the difference in wanting to operate in the field and doing so.



Become an Auto Body Painter Step 1.jpg

1Receive a high school diploma. The diploma is definitely the minimum requirement that auto body painting employers have.


Become an Auto Body Painter

Step Two.jpg

2Become skilled in auto body painting. You have two entry-level options.

It is possible to work as a car body apprentice. With an apprenticeship, you receive a mix of on-the-job training with an experienced auto body painter and classroom instruction.

You can also elect to work as an auto body painting helper. Being a helper, you’re responsible for less technical tasks like eliminating the trim from vehicles and sanding on the surfaces of your vehicles.

Become an Auto Body Painter

Step Three.jpg

3Obtain postsecondary education to improve your employment chances. Auto body painting classes are offered at technical, vocational and community colleges and typically have open admission policies.

Become an automobile Body Painter

Step 4.jpg

4Look at technical schools that provide training in mixing and using different types of automotive paint and teach auto body painting.

Apply and get admission.

Learn the auto body painting trade. You may have to take general education courses such as computer science, mathematics and communications.

It is possible to graduate with the associate’s degree that takes 24 months to complete or perhaps a certificate which will take approximately 1 year to complete.

Become an Auto Body Painter

Step 5.jpg

5Get an auto body painting job. You can either stay at the auto body shop you’re working at doing general tasks or you can seek employment at a different shop.

Become an Auto Body Painter

Step 6.jpg

6Find an excellent painter and try to get hired on as being a helper. Trade out your perseverance for his knowledge of painting. Please listen to everything he says regardless how corny it may sound to you. Whenever you think you will be good enough to step out on your own, give it another year with him, then you’ll be ready.

Routine Car Maintenance You Can Do At Home

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The majority of people are on the look-out to save a few bucks here and there these days and particularly when it comes to their motors. Insurance premiums are always on the increase and gas prices just keep on rising but there is one area where most people could save a little on their budget with some simple car maintenance at home.


Some car maintenance tasks really are simple enough to tackle at home, in your garage or on your driveway . . . even with the minimum amount of motor vehicle experience.

Changing an Air Filter


This is not rocket science but can help your car engine to run smoothly and more efficiently – saving you gas and even more money. It only takes around 10 minutes of your valuable time and will cost just a few dollars, the price of a new filter varies from car to car but may be less than $20.

Here’s what to do:

• Pop the hood and find the air filter . . . this may be the most difficult job! It will probably be in a black case and have a few metal clips on each side of it.
• Open the black case and take a good look at the way in which the air filter fits . . . don’t take out the old one unless you know which way around you need to fit the new one. It can make life so much easier.
• Take out the old filter ensuring that no bits and pieces fall to the bottom of the box.
• Put the new air filter into place and replace the black case and nuts . . . job done!

Windshield Wipers


This is another 10 minute job which will probably cost you less than $20 – the price of the replacement wipers.

• Gently lift the wipers away from the windshield then press the tab which is found on the underside to slide the wiper from the arm.
• Line the new wiper up with the arm and slide it gently on to the arm ensuring that the open end (the hook) is pointing in the right direction to face the clip on the windshield wiper. Pull it tightly until it clicks into position.
• Place the wiper back onto the windshield . . .rinse and repeat . . . job done!

Spark Plugs

Depending upon how many spark plugs you have this could take around a half hour. Once again this will only cost the price of the spark plugs . . . probably less than $20 each.

• Follow the thick wires in your car to locate the spark plugs – there might be 4, 6 or 8 of them depending upon the size of your engine.
• Pull the wires from the spark plugs starting from one end, grasp each wire as close as you can to the engine then pull and wiggle until it comes free. Be sure to do one at a time.
• Remove the old plug using a spark plug socket with ratchet and extension.
• Install a new spark plug by hand before tightening it with the socket.
• Attach the spark plug wire to the new spark plug . . . rinse and repeat as many times as necessary . . . job done!

For more intricate jobs you may need to take your motor to somewhere like Chino Ford – while you’re there check out the new cars. You can find them at Fairview Ford too.

Four Auto Body Repair That You Need To Know

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Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. With millions of drivers on the road every day, many of them distracted by phone calls, messy burritos, bad weather or lack of sleep, crashes are inevitable. Luckily, most of these accidents are relatively minor and nobody gets injured.

But a minor accident can seriously damage the outside your car. Areas like the fenders and doors are especially susceptible to damage.

In order to ensure that your car is properly fixed, while it’s generally the insurance company’s job to get your car patched up and back on the road when this happens, there are a few things you should know.

1. You can choose the body shop

Insurance companies can refer you to shops that they work with, but ultimately you can choose who does the work. There are a few bad eggs out there that cut corners to get the job done faster and cheaper, although most insurance-recommended body shops are reputable and perform high-quality repairs. These shops will entice insurance adjusters with lower repair costs, but that could result in a shoddy repair. Do some research online by searching Yelp or other sites with small business reviews, before agreeing to get your car fixed at an insurance-recommended shop.

2. Avoid aftermarket parts

When you take your car in for repair, you should inquire about the replacement parts that are being used by the body shop. Body shops may use new original parts, used parts or aftermarket parts. While used parts were made by your vehicle manufacturer and perform as well as new original parts, aftermarket parts are often cheap imitations with inferior quality. These parts can rattle, ultimately and corrode diminish your car’s value.

3. Carefully examine paint match

All too often, you see cars on the road with body panels that don’t match in color. Matching a newly painted body panel to the rest of your car is a difficult challenge, and sometimes there can be a big, obvious difference in shade. When you pick up your car from the body shop, ask which panels are original and which ones were painted. Step back ten feet from the car and see if there’s a difference in color. If there is, there may be additional paint work necessary to get a better match.

4. Check warning lights

After an accident, there are a number of warning lights that may turn on in your dashboard. These can include the airbag light, the low coolant light, the check engine light and others. When you pick up your finished car, make sure all of the problems have been corrected and none of the lights are illuminated. Illuminated lights can indicate that your car’s on-board computer may need to be reprogrammed”” Alternatively, that certain electrical components need replacement.

Economizing Your Fuel

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Saving fuel

New cars are getting better fuel economy than ever. And with government fuel economy standards rising to 54.5 mpg by 2025, that trend looks sure to continue well into the future.

Technologies such as smaller, turbocharged engines with electric accessories, idle-stop, and multi-speed or continuously variable transmissions are proliferating, along with hybrid drive systems and lightweight materials. All together, these technologies are bringing small-car fuel economy to midsized family sedans and even some SUVs.

This section reveals the best and worst models for fuel economy based on our tests, and it shines a spotlight on which gas-saving vehicles and technologies make the biggest difference with the fewest tradeoffs in comfort, utility and space and performance. Learn how to save fuel now.

Ways to be the Best Soccer Dad of All Time

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Playing the role of “soccer dad” is not easy. It requires an elegant balance of charisma, punctuality and accommodation that is hard to master. I call it a role, because let’s be honest, a good soccer dad is always performing. If ever something good is to come from your high school improv class, it’s this. Aside from a wildly entertaining and patient demeanor, the best soccer dads require a few important things.

The Soccer Wagon

Aka, a hybrid Pathfinder. The 2014 hybrid Nissan Pathfinder is perfect for this particular task for a number of reasons, most notably safety. All the other moms and dads will ask, so you might as well have the safest SUV on the road. Like all other Nissans, the Pathfinder is equipped with state of the art safety innovations which include, but are not limited to, a patented radar system that will warn you, the soccer dad, if anything is approaching you too quickly or if you are getting to close to anything. Nissan has pretty much built in a co-pilot for you that keeps you apprised of everything going on around you.


It’s spacious. Like, really spacious. The Soccer Wagon requires ample room for all the kids, all the equipment bags, the cooler and potentially the family dog and the Pathfinder won’t disappoint. These young Olympians will be transported in style from A to B to C and back again. Lastly, it’s a hybrid, meaning you’ll spend less on gas and more on snacks! If you actually want to be the best soccer dad that you can be, go check out some Nissans at Fontana Nissan dealer or Metro Nissan Redlands and enter a world of envy and wonder!

The right Music

Pump them up. Find out what almost guaranteed to be terrible music the kids are listening to, and learn how to tolerate it. The other moms and dads will almost certainly be playing Chopin or show tunes, and by the time the kids get to the field they’ll be half asleep. If you’re an especially good soccer dad, you’ll sneak The Beatles or Led Zeppelin into the rotation and educate them without them even knowing.


Juice them

Not like the baseball players of the 1990s. Have juice on hand so ensure they’re all well hydrated and filled with healthy sugars and vitamin C. Obviously you should be careful and touch base with the other parents and make sure none of the kids have dietary needs that you should be aware of. I had a diabetic in my soccer carpool, so obviously juice wasn’t the right thing for her. Being the best soccer dad in the rotation is a highly coveted honor, but now you have all the tools to be the best of the best.


What Your Car Needs For Summer

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You’ve got your suntan lotion, a giant cooler and three cheesy novels loaded in the Kindle — you’re ready for a summer road trip. You may be prepared, but are you up to date on the summer auto maintenance? Sure, auto maintenance is the last thing on your mind, but it’ll jump for the front pretty quickly if you’re on the side of the road. Spend a few hours on some simple auto maintenance procedures and you’ll thank yourself in the end.

Radiator Flush: The coolant within your radiator doesn’t last forever. Over time it might break down and commence to corrode the inside of your radiator. This may lead to cooling radiator and problems repair. A radiator flush once per year is cheap insurance against radiator repairs.

Replace Your Air Filter: You should replace your air filter every six months, so now’s a good time to get that 5-minute job out of the way.

Tire Checks: Summer traveling could mean driving inside the rain. The tread on your tires must be adequate for rainy weather or you might end up in a ditch. Alternatively, worse. Checking the tread depth on the tires take one minute. While you’re at it, you can examine your tire pressure, too.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers: Winter weather can be brutal to your windshield wipers, making them almost useless if you get caught in a summer rain shower. Replace them at the beginning of summer time and you won’t have to worry.

Inspect Your Brakes: It’s a good idea to inspect your brakes twice a year just to be sure things are all up t snuff. Car safety ought to always be a top priority. Go ahead and look at your brake fluid while you’re at it.

Check Your Battery: Corrosion is very likely to develop during winter weather driving. Check your battery cables and posts to ensure you’ll have no starting problems.

Look At Your Headlights: Sometimes you don’t notice that you may have a bulb out. Now’s a good time to take a look to see if you have to replace a headlight bulb. Not merely is it unsafe to drive with one headlight, you can get a ticket!

Remember that car safety starts off with you. Additionally, it ends along with you, since you’re the one driving the car. Which means not doing anything stupid like speeding or driving drunk. Do all of us a big favor and skip those dangerous activities.

Addressing Auto Problems: Fixing Your Thermostat

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Having an auto that constantly overheats is not only a nuisance, it also causes severe damage on your engine, radiator and the numerous other components surrounding them. While most drivers automatically come to the conclusion that it’s a radiator problem that’s causing the overheating (and yes, the radiator is the usual culprit behind this auto problem), other vehicle problems like a stuck thermostat can be the reason behind your dangerously hot and smoking auto.

What is a Thermostat and Why Do You Need It?

The thermostat installed in your car has a crucial task to fulfill-it is the auto part responsible for controlling the amount of water-coolant mixture that is released into your engine system, all depending on whether your engine is running warm, cold or extremely hot. When you start your car first thing in the morning, the engine is still cold. The thermostat signals your engine cooling system that no coolant is needed. But as you drive, the thermostat gives the go signal for the increased coolant flow, increasing and reducing the amount of mixture used depending on the situation.

So, Why Should You Worry When You Have a Stuck Thermostat?

A stuck thermostat means that your engine will not receive the right amount of antifreeze and water each time it’s needed. When this happens, the engine starts to heat up almost immediately, and overheating happens as a result of this.

What Could Cause a Stuck Thermostat?

There a number of reasons why your car’s thermostat could get stuck in a closed position. If you’re driving an auto that’s several years old, then expect your thermostat to fail eventually. An accumulation of debris and dirt could force your thermostat to remain closed even as you drive if you don’t exercise regular maintenance under your vehicle’s hood.

Should You Replace Your Thermostat?

If your auto is several years old and you think your thermostat is irreparably stuck closed, then by all means, replace your vehicle’s thermostat immediately. It shouldn’t hurt your wallet too much. There are some brands that sell more expensive variants if you’re willing to splurge, or if you don’t want to risk the quality of this auto part, even though most thermostats are priced at around $20 or less.

How Would You Know if it’s Time to Replace Your Thermostat?

If you have a thermostat that needs replacing is to have a constantly overheating ride where the radiator is still in mint condition, the simplest way to find out. However, if you want to make sure you have a stuck thermostat, check out the following low-tech tests to find out if your auto’s thermostat is operating properly.

Checking for a Stuck Thermostat: Test 1:

Please don’t try this test when you’re parked in a downhill slope. Don’t use this to test your hand brake’s power either.

Step #1: Prop open your hood and look for the radiator cap. If you have the radiator cap, then I suggest consulting your owner’s manual), (If you’re not sure.

Step #2: Remove the radiator cap. Please exercise extreme caution and as much as possible, don’t try this test immediately after a long trip.

Step #3: Engage the hand brake. This should prevent your auto from rolling.

Step #4: Try not to position yourself directly in front of the car. Even when parked in a level surface, it’s always best to exercise caution, so look for a cement block and put it in front of your rear tire to keep your auto from running you over.

Step #5: Start your vehicle and let it warm up.

Step #6: Check your water-coolant levels as your engine starts to warm up. There should be a drop in the level.

Step #7: There’s an incredibly high chance that your thermostat is stuck in the closed position if the water-coolant levels remain constant.

Step #8: Turn off the engine and replace your radiator cap.

If you don’t want to try out aforementioned steps, then here’s another test you can do:

Checking for a Stuck Thermostat: Test 2:

Step #1: Start your engine and let it run until it’s warm. , though don’t let it overheat

Step #2: When you think your engine is warm enough, shut it off

Step #3: Open the hood. If the engine is too hot since you’ll feel the heat emanating from your hood if it’s about to overheat, you should be able to tell. If this is the case, then let your engine cool and try again.

Step #4: Look for your radiator hoses. There should be two. Check for the top one first. It is usually made of rubber or a similar material, and is black in color. The topmost hose is usually connected to the top of your radiator using metal clamps at both ends.

Step #5: Touch the topmost radiator hose to check for its temperature. Is it warm? Is it starting to get too hot?

Step #6: Now look for the lower radiator hose. This auto part is usually connected to the bottom part of your radiator.

Step #7: Feel the lower radiator hose. Is it warmer than the upmost hose? Is it still cold?

Step #8: Compare the temperatures between these two hoses. Keep in mind that when operating normally, your lower radiator hose should be warmer than the top hose. If one hose is a lot warmer than the other, then it’s highly likely you have a stuck thermostat.””
If you do encounter this situation, then it’s best that you know how to address this auto issue as soon as possible.