Bringing The Best With Your Traction

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In the event the car moves even slightly, avoid applying too much power, which can spin the tires in place. Spinning wheels offer less traction. Patiently move the car out of the area and back onto more solid ground.

Try “rocking” the automobile if the wheels spin and also the car is not moving. Slowly give the car power to the point that the tires begin to spin then immediately release power. You will notice that the vehicle slightly rocks forward then back. Do this repeatedly while you try to gain momentum in each rocking cycle. Like a child pushing a swing, synchronize the push (or gas) in order that the rocking motion is increased. With a little bit of timing and luck, you could rock just enough to regain traction. (In cars with automatic transmission, rocking requires shifting back and forth between forward and reverse. With a manual transmission, simply engage and disengage the clutch while stepping on the gas).


Try this trick if your car is tied to one wheel spinning even though the other is not: engage the parking brake two or three clicks. Step around the gas slowly to get the car moving. Release the parking brake completely, once the car begins to move. Engaging the parking brake allows a clutch in the differentials to energize, causing the car to adjust for increased traction, because spinning wheels don’t have traction.

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