Ways to be the Best Soccer Dad of All Time

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Playing the role of “soccer dad” is not easy. It requires an elegant balance of charisma, punctuality and accommodation that is hard to master. I call it a role, because let’s be honest, a good soccer dad is always performing. If ever something good is to come from your high school improv class, it’s this. Aside from a wildly entertaining and patient demeanor, the best soccer dads require a few important things.

The Soccer Wagon

Aka, a hybrid Pathfinder. The 2014 hybrid Nissan Pathfinder is perfect for this particular task for a number of reasons, most notably safety. All the other moms and dads will ask, so you might as well have the safest SUV on the road. Like all other Nissans, the Pathfinder is equipped with state of the art safety innovations which include, but are not limited to, a patented radar system that will warn you, the soccer dad, if anything is approaching you too quickly or if you are getting to close to anything. Nissan has pretty much built in a co-pilot for you that keeps you apprised of everything going on around you.


It’s spacious. Like, really spacious. The Soccer Wagon requires ample room for all the kids, all the equipment bags, the cooler and potentially the family dog and the Pathfinder won’t disappoint. These young Olympians will be transported in style from A to B to C and back again. Lastly, it’s a hybrid, meaning you’ll spend less on gas and more on snacks! If you actually want to be the best soccer dad that you can be, go check out some Nissans at Fontana Nissan dealer or Metro Nissan Redlands and enter a world of envy and wonder!

The right Music

Pump them up. Find out what almost guaranteed to be terrible music the kids are listening to, and learn how to tolerate it. The other moms and dads will almost certainly be playing Chopin or show tunes, and by the time the kids get to the field they’ll be half asleep. If you’re an especially good soccer dad, you’ll sneak The Beatles or Led Zeppelin into the rotation and educate them without them even knowing.


Juice them

Not like the baseball players of the 1990s. Have juice on hand so ensure they’re all well hydrated and filled with healthy sugars and vitamin C. Obviously you should be careful and touch base with the other parents and make sure none of the kids have dietary needs that you should be aware of. I had a diabetic in my soccer carpool, so obviously juice wasn’t the right thing for her. Being the best soccer dad in the rotation is a highly coveted honor, but now you have all the tools to be the best of the best.


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