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We now live in an almost completely technological age. It seems that every kid that I meet knows how to program a computer when I’m still struggling with booting my up. Obviously that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s clear to see that technology is advancing for more quickly than I am. Though I am evolving slowly along with this quickly spinning world, there are a number of products that are really paving the way and making the new and exciting technology more accessible to the entire world. I like to sit back and fantasize about the exciting, hyper technological world that is on our horizon, but in the meantime, there are so many exciting innovations that are here today.

The hybrid SUV

When most of think of hybrids, we think of small cars that putter through traffic, piloted by people who often seem as excited to tell you what you’re doing wrong as they are to be driving. Well long gone are the days where hybrid vehicles and smug drivers are synonymous. Say hello to the hybrid SUV. That’s right, Nissan now features a Pathfinder that can take you from Los Angeles to San Francisco on one tank of gas, and at 35-40 miles per gallon, why wouldn’t you drive such a wonderful vehicle? Let’s face it, people, the environment is not going to fix itself, and it is up to us, the American consumer, to tell auto companies that while we value our comfort and our safety, we also are concerned about the world that our children will grow up in. The new hybrid Nissan Pathfinder combines all the luxuries and ruggedness of the best selling SUV you’ve grown to love and associate with perfection, with fuel economy that makes this vehicle practically pay for itself. If you’re interested on paving the way and helping the environment at the same time, go to Nissan Alhambra or Downtown Nissan and show the world that you’re proud of what you drive and what it stands for.


A camo wet suit

In Southern California it seems that every other person is a surfer. For years I refused to even entertain the idea because I’m horrified of sea monsters. That’s right, I’m talking about sharks. I know that shark attacks are as rare as being struck by lightning, but that doesn’t quite make me rest easy. I need assurances if I’m going to paddle out into the ocean, I’d rather not just hope for the best. Well now there are camouflage wet suits that are designed to make you look less like a meal, and more like ripples on the water. Since I learned about this, I have all the assurances I really need.


The helicopter delivery system

Amazon is working on this, I swear. The days of waiting around for the FedEX guy are numbered as Amazon is testing small drones that will drop your package right to your doorstep! It still might take a few years, but I’m sure that once this idea gets a foothold, Southern California traffic will take to the skies!


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