Routine Car Maintenance You Can Do At Home

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The majority of people are on the look-out to save a few bucks here and there these days and particularly when it comes to their motors. Insurance premiums are always on the increase and gas prices just keep on rising but there is one area where most people could save a little on their budget with some simple car maintenance at home.


Some car maintenance tasks really are simple enough to tackle at home, in your garage or on your driveway . . . even with the minimum amount of motor vehicle experience.

Changing an Air Filter


This is not rocket science but can help your car engine to run smoothly and more efficiently – saving you gas and even more money. It only takes around 10 minutes of your valuable time and will cost just a few dollars, the price of a new filter varies from car to car but may be less than $20.

Here’s what to do:

• Pop the hood and find the air filter . . . this may be the most difficult job! It will probably be in a black case and have a few metal clips on each side of it.
• Open the black case and take a good look at the way in which the air filter fits . . . don’t take out the old one unless you know which way around you need to fit the new one. It can make life so much easier.
• Take out the old filter ensuring that no bits and pieces fall to the bottom of the box.
• Put the new air filter into place and replace the black case and nuts . . . job done!

Windshield Wipers


This is another 10 minute job which will probably cost you less than $20 – the price of the replacement wipers.

• Gently lift the wipers away from the windshield then press the tab which is found on the underside to slide the wiper from the arm.
• Line the new wiper up with the arm and slide it gently on to the arm ensuring that the open end (the hook) is pointing in the right direction to face the clip on the windshield wiper. Pull it tightly until it clicks into position.
• Place the wiper back onto the windshield . . .rinse and repeat . . . job done!

Spark Plugs

Depending upon how many spark plugs you have this could take around a half hour. Once again this will only cost the price of the spark plugs . . . probably less than $20 each.

• Follow the thick wires in your car to locate the spark plugs – there might be 4, 6 or 8 of them depending upon the size of your engine.
• Pull the wires from the spark plugs starting from one end, grasp each wire as close as you can to the engine then pull and wiggle until it comes free. Be sure to do one at a time.
• Remove the old plug using a spark plug socket with ratchet and extension.
• Install a new spark plug by hand before tightening it with the socket.
• Attach the spark plug wire to the new spark plug . . . rinse and repeat as many times as necessary . . . job done!

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