When You Want To Become An Auto Body Painter

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Auto body painters, or transportation equipment painters, are responsible for painting vehicles such as cars, buses or trucks for a variety of reasons. For instance, clients want their vehicles to experience a different look or the vehicles must be painted because of damage. Although minimum requirements in becoming an auto body painter may include a valid driver’s license and clean driving record, some auto body painting jobs require more. Thus, knowing how to be an auto body painter is definitely the difference in wanting to operate in the field and doing so.



Become an Auto Body Painter Step 1.jpg

1Receive a high school diploma. The diploma is definitely the minimum requirement that auto body painting employers have.


Become an Auto Body Painter

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2Become skilled in auto body painting. You have two entry-level options.

It is possible to work as a car body apprentice. With an apprenticeship, you receive a mix of on-the-job training with an experienced auto body painter and classroom instruction.

You can also elect to work as an auto body painting helper. Being a helper, you’re responsible for less technical tasks like eliminating the trim from vehicles and sanding on the surfaces of your vehicles.

Become an Auto Body Painter

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3Obtain postsecondary education to improve your employment chances. Auto body painting classes are offered at technical, vocational and community colleges and typically have open admission policies.

Become an automobile Body Painter

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4Look at technical schools that provide training in mixing and using different types of automotive paint and teach auto body painting.

Apply and get admission.

Learn the auto body painting trade. You may have to take general education courses such as computer science, mathematics and communications.

It is possible to graduate with the associate’s degree that takes 24 months to complete or perhaps a certificate which will take approximately 1 year to complete.

Become an Auto Body Painter

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5Get an auto body painting job. You can either stay at the auto body shop you’re working at doing general tasks or you can seek employment at a different shop.

Become an Auto Body Painter

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6Find an excellent painter and try to get hired on as being a helper. Trade out your perseverance for his knowledge of painting. Please listen to everything he says regardless how corny it may sound to you. Whenever you think you will be good enough to step out on your own, give it another year with him, then you’ll be ready.

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