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Four Needs For Every Perpetual Student

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You may always have a thirst for knowledge and see yourself as having a great mind. Others may see you as a perpetual student as you get one degree after another and seem to always be a student. Regardless of the reason why you are still in school, there are a few things that you just must have.

1. A Great Laptop

Every student needs a nice computer for researching and writing papers, along with keeping up with friends at home via Facebook and email. Keep your computer up to date and make sure you go for quality over the least expensive option.

2. A Nice Used Car

Even if you are still a student, having a nice car, like the ones you can find at used cars cerritos is a necessity. You want the reliability of a newer car, but not the monthly payment that comes with it. You can have both with the right used car. Find out more by going to McPeek Dodge.


3. A Passport

What better way to learn than to learn in another country? Get a passport and be prepared to use it. You can go abroad for a semester or take a quick trip to the Caribbean during spring break. Having a passport handy means you can leave at the drop of a hat.

4. A Good Internship

One day you will be done with school, even if it doesn’t look like it now. When this happens, you will need to have work experience under your belt and some good references to find a job. Fill your summers with internships in your field so you really learn what it is about. If you are a higher up student, getting your master’s or PhD, work with a professor as a TA or on a research project so that you can get that important experience.

Spring Showers Lessen Driving Safety Hazards

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Worn out tires and windshield wiper blades are symptoms of neglected vehicle maintenance that put passengers and drivers at serious risk throughout the typically rainy months of spring.

Broken down windshield and tires wiper blades are signs of neglected vehicle maintenance that put passengers and drivers at serious risk during the typically rainy months of spring.

According to the Car Care Council, thin tire treads create hazardous driving conditions when water increases on the roadway. Deep tread accommodates accumulated water; thin tread fails to. Thin tread causes the tire to hydroplane – ride through to a film of water, losing contact with the pavement, similar to driving on ice.

The easiest method to check tire tread depth is with a penny. Insert the penny into the grooves from the tread. If you can to see all Lincoln’s head, the tire needs replacement.

Rainy weather also affects driver visibility. A clean windshield is imperative, because 90 percent of driving decisions depend on good vision. Streaking and smearing impair vision and are caused by worn windshield blades. One from every five vehicles that went through the auto Care Council’s check lanes had worn wiper blades.

“Replacing worn wiper blades is easy and inexpensive,” said Rich White of your Car Care Council. “Why put it off until there’s a downpour and your blades are chattering and smearing the windshield? ”

Some of the Best Golfing Facilities in Orange County

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Although for some people golf is nothing more than a “good walk spoiled” it doesn’t stop thousands of avid golfers from taking a tee shot or two every year and doing the rounds on some of the splendid golfing facilities in Orange County. You really can’t get a much better location to spoil a good walk can you? There’s the beautiful scenery, the fabulous weather – at least for the majority of the time – and some of the finest golfing facilities around.


Tustin Ranch Golf Club – is regarded by many as one of the finest facilities in the area. The 6,803 yard, par 72 championship standard course really sets the bar high and quickly established itself as one of the premier golfing facilities in Orange County.

The course is littered with towering palm trees and well placed lakes making the golf course incredibly beautiful and not without its challenges on many of the holes. It’s one of those “turn up and play” golf courses where members and non members are welcome just the same built on the premise of “public play whilst enjoying a very private feel” . . . although you could read that two ways! Locals and visitors all agree on one thing – this is a great place for a round of golf.

There is a dress code at the golf club – you don’t have to wear a dress but you also will not be permitted to play if you are wearing a t-shirt, tank top or cut offs.


Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club – is another favorite haunt for Californian golfers. It was originally carved and designed to fit in with the natural landscape next to the beautiful Ladera Ranch Land Conservancy. After just six short years it is already a firm favorite thanks to its playability, it’s value for money and the excellent standard of customer service. The natural terrain has helped to create a challenging layout which really sorts out the men from the boys, or the women from the girls . . . you’ve got to be so careful to treat everybody equally these days.

Pelican Hill Golf Club – has got lots of awards and ranks highly on the lists of many golf magazines as a readers favorite and it’s easy to understand why. The green fees aren’t within everybody’s budget at a whopping $250 (if reserved within two weeks) or $270 (if reserved further in advance) but the $495 price tag at Pebble Beach makes it look increasingly affordable. The prestigious clubhouse and restaurant enjoys truly magnificent views across nearby Crystal Cove – what a setting to enjoy a well earned drink and a bite to eat after a round of golf.


It goes without saying that golfers need plenty of room in the trunk and riverside fiat have got a great selection of nice, roomy cars perfect for carrying their clubs. In the interests of fuel economy however, don’t carry your golf clubs with you everywhere you go “just in case” – the extra weight will make you use up more gas, even if you do like to have your clubs ready at a moment’s notice.

So if you’re one of the thousands of golfing enthusiasts who visit Orange County each year you know where to go to get in a great round of golf . . . and if you’re one of the golfing enthusiasts who are fortunate enough to live here you know where to go to purchase your next motor – check out some of the great models at OC Fiat and make sure that there’s plenty of trunk space.

Bringing The Best With Your Traction

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In the event the car moves even slightly, avoid applying too much power, which can spin the tires in place. Spinning wheels offer less traction. Patiently move the car out of the area and back onto more solid ground.

Try “rocking” the automobile if the wheels spin and also the car is not moving. Slowly give the car power to the point that the tires begin to spin then immediately release power. You will notice that the vehicle slightly rocks forward then back. Do this repeatedly while you try to gain momentum in each rocking cycle. Like a child pushing a swing, synchronize the push (or gas) in order that the rocking motion is increased. With a little bit of timing and luck, you could rock just enough to regain traction. (In cars with automatic transmission, rocking requires shifting back and forth between forward and reverse. With a manual transmission, simply engage and disengage the clutch while stepping on the gas).


Try this trick if your car is tied to one wheel spinning even though the other is not: engage the parking brake two or three clicks. Step around the gas slowly to get the car moving. Release the parking brake completely, once the car begins to move. Engaging the parking brake allows a clutch in the differentials to energize, causing the car to adjust for increased traction, because spinning wheels don’t have traction.

How Can You Drive Effectively During The Snow And Cold Weather

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Happy family driving in  the car surrounded by snow.

When you live in Southern California it could not happen to you whenever you head around the mountains for a little snowboarding, sledding or skiing that there are many key things you should know about winter driving and winterizing your car or truck. To most people who live in an area where there is snow every winter they are obvious tips. So to avoid problems while traveling to the slopes and to look and act more like a nearby at the ski resort browse the tips below.

First, and foremost, check your tires. Make sure you have a good amount of tread, old, broken down tires is not going to grip the snow well. Get snow tires if you really want to make sure you are covered.

Next, be sure to have chains for your tires. Also, unless you want to be stuck determining the whole chains thing through the side from the road (usually in snow), practice once at home in your sunny driveway.

Use rubber floor mats instead of your nice carpet mats, within a pinch they are able to double as a cushion between you and the snow when you are putting on those chains.

Make certain your windshield wipers work and you have plenty of washer fluid. Coming from So Cal, many times your windshield wipers haven’t been found in months! Functioning wipers and several fluid will keep that snow under control.

Have a check-up to your car. A road escape to the mountains is particularly brutal on coolant, brakes and batteries. Once and for all measure also check the hoses and belts.

Pack an Emergency Kit. Sometimes things go wrong and also you are stranded on the side of the highway. That’s fine in sunny Southern California however in the snow you can get cold and in trouble fast.

Flashlight with spare batteries.

Ice scraper / brush for clearing your windshield.

Sand / gravel/

in case you get stuck from the snow and require to obtain some extra traction under your wheels.

Jumper cables.

A spare work, blanket and jacket gloves.

If you don’t have one yet, you really should get a cell phone. Make sure you come with an automobile charger for your phone in your car at all times.

Drive Safely. It’s harder to prevent or activate icy and wet. Alternatively, snowy pavement then on dry pavement so drive slower and give yourself a safer distance when following cars. This straightforward rule seems obvious but easy to forget. When approaching an intersection go slowly, you never know when someone else is sliding on the ice and unable to stop. Avoiding accidents and problems is much easier when you are taking it slow. But primarily, have fun visiting the snow is a great way to spend your vacation and when you are prepared and drive safely you will get an even better time.

Finding the Right Car for Your Family

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Looking for a new car can be a stressful situation, no matter what type of vehicle you are trying to find. Cars are almost always a big investment and when it comes to money, lots of people are easily stressed out, and for good reason. One way to avoid this is by going into the hunt with a clear idea of what you need. To do that, you have to take into consideration who will be driving the car, what they’ll be using it for and how often it will be driven, along with a variety of other factors.

Always start by thinking about who is going to be driving the new vehicle. If someone who is not very tall is going to be a primary driver, you might want to check how the seats adjust or think about looking for a car that is easy to see out of. Does the new car need to be handicap accessible? In addition to needs, you can think about your top wants in the car. Are there going to be two primary drivers who would both love to have seat warmers?


Next, think about what the primary drivers will be using the car for most of the time. If you commute an hour and a half to work each day, it’s probably important to you to get a car that is good on gas mileage. If you are buying the car for your grandmother who only drives to the grocery once a week, gas mileage might not be the biggest deciding factor. You might even want to consider a used car.

After you’ve started considering what your family really needs from a new car, visit your local dealership’s website, like ram riverside dealer OC Auto, to get an idea of what’s available that fits your needs.

When You Do Not Know What A Serpentine Belt Is

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We all in Denver have those days when we’ve got a bunch of errands to run all over town. Suppose on the day off you need to get gas, pick up some groceries, swing by your local ATM and pick the kids up from school. So now you could make four separate trips, but that will be a waste of money and time and totally inefficient. Instead you get hit and organized the ATM first and get some gas next. Then you go to your Denver supermarket and pick up the kids on the road home. That’s a much better consumption of your time.

So now you may wonder what this has to do with a serpentine belt. Well, back into the day, all of your engine’s accessories, for example the alternator and air conditioner, were powered by separate belts. A vehicle could have five or six belts. These days, vehicles have a single belt to operate all the accessories. Efficiently connecting each accessory, it’s known as the serpentine belt because it snakes around everything. Just like bundling your errands.

A pulley attached to the engine’s crank provides the power to turn the serpentine belt. The belt offers the power for your power steering pump, making it easier to steer your vehicle. Next, comes the alternator which generates electricity to run the vehicle’s electrical system and charge the battery. Onto the air conditioning compressor. This helps make your cold air to keep you comfortable all during the summer here in Denver.

On some vehicles – the water pump, radiator fan and the power brakes will also be run through the serpentine belt. Some have even two serpentine belts. Irrespective of how your engine is arranged, you won’t get very far without a serpentine belt. Your auto manufacturer has a recommended interval for inspecting your belt along with your Denver service adviser can inspect it for any damage or wear.


Finally, there is a belt tensioner. Its job is to apply pressure on the belt to keep it tight. A long period ago, manufacturers started making serpentine belts out of a whole new material. It’s harder to tell once the belt must be replaced, although it is much more durable. The old style belts would chunks and crack would fall off therefore you could easily see whenever you needed a replacement.

If the ribs wear too deep, it’s time to replace it, on the new style belt. Your service technician relies on a simple gauge to tell as soon as the belt is worn and you need a serpentine belt replacement. A worn belt stresses your engine’s expensive accessories and causes them to wear out prematurely. So change your serpentine belt and belt tensioner as recommended and extend the lifestyle of your accessories and prevent future breakdowns.